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14th November 2002

Updated: Runtimer V2

Runtimer has been updated to V2.  This version is needed to run JCOM - SPC v1.666.  Please uninstall V1 before installing V2.  You can find it in VB stuff.

Added: 'Simple text adventure creator' to the VB page

Added: 'Simple text adventure player' to the VB page

Updated: JCOM - SPC v1.666!

Ye it has been a few months but here it is, v1.666, packed with new feature goodness!

Added native support for the REALmagic DVD remote control, the most common SPC controls are mapped to their logical counterparts on the remote.  See the readme for more detials
Added favorites, now you can define up to 10 favorite SPCs or playlists which can be quickly accessed from the favorites menu or with the 1 - 0 buttons on the remote control.  See the readme for more information.
Added SPC info scroller, if any SPC info is clipped becuse its too big just click it to scroll it!
Added SPC info scroller Mk2: The scrollbar on the right selects what info is displayed, now all the SPC's header info han be viewed without using the SPC info window.
Fixed a bug where a SPC would not fade out before ending when it's suppost to.
Removed the SPC info window as its now obsolete.
Disabled hotkeys until I lear how to do them properly! :)
Removed skin support :( ,a freak crash corrupted the source files that handle skinning, but that won't stop me from adding more features and the old interface has been improved a bit! (I might make a second, more efficient attempt at skinning in the future!)
NOTE: JCOM - SPC v1.666 now requires Runtimer V2, if you have a older version installed then please uninstall that first before installing V2

13th September 2002

Added: Mayhem's Mega Music Mix 2 to the C64 section

Sorry for the long wait but here it is, an update!  And for once one that isn't for JCOM-SPC!  Instead its just one c64 proggie.

6th February 2002

JCOM - SPC update to v1.5

Largish update today: Added ‘Add DIR’ to playlist window
Added ‘Remove all’ to playlist window
Finally got round to implamenting ID666 SPC playing times
Record WAVs with or without sound
Added ability to disable playlist progression when wav recording
Added ID666 info window

29th October 2001

JCOM - SPC update to v1.4
Runtimer re - uploaded
Added 'MC Mayhem's Mega Music Mix' to the C64 section

JCOM - SPC v1.4:
The skin system has been the main focus in this release.  Memory usage should have been cut allmost in half.  This is mainly due to the fact I am now drawing the GFX to the screen instead of using image controls.  The best way of demonstrating this is compairing V1.4's about box with one from a previous version.  These changes have paved the way for a 'advanced' skin format that I intend to add in the next version.

26th September 2001

JCOM - SPC update to v1.3
JCOM - SPC v1.3 has now got skin support!

When i first released JCOM - SPC, I said that I would not be implamenting skin support, well I have! The main reason that I hade done this is basicly I wanted to find yout if I really could do this. And it looks like I can!

Added skin support (see skin notes.txt)


19th September 2001

JCOM - SPC has been updated (I might as well cut and paste this line from now on!) to v1.2, changes include:
Added Fast Forwarding and Rewinding by 5 seconds to the main window (peliminary, FF works best at moment)
Fixed a nasy bug that caused JCOM-SPC to quit whenever you minimised the main window
Added WAV file recording, find it in the control box


3rd April 2001

JCOM - SPC has been updated to v1.1, the primary changes are:
Some GUI bugs fixed (thanx go to Marius Fodor for spotting them out)
Upgraded to v3.1 of Super Jukebox’s Uematsu.dll


27th March 2001

JCOM - SPC has finally discarded the shackle that is beta.  Changes from v0.9 beta:
Added file association option.
Moved Preamp, stereo separation and channel muting to a separate window, SNESAmp style.
Media Player like double-click file handling (once files have been assoicited)
Added ‘About’ window, check it out!


10th March 2001

Yet another JCOM-SPC update!  JCOM-SPC has been updated to V0.9 beta.  Why the large jump? you may be asking, well I thought that I would use the version number to show how 'complete' JCOM-SPC realy is rather than how many times its been updated.  Changes in this version are:
Channel muting has now been implamented, you should be able to find it for yourself!
The settings window will now pop up the first time you use this version.

In other news its ashame that is on the verge of shutting down.  What I read on the report at Zophar's Domain says that its more of a financial matter rather than the content.


26th February 2001

JCOM-SPC has been updated to v0.12 beta.  Changes in this release are as follows:
HotKeys are now implamented!  See 'readme.doc' for instructions.
Due to cleanups in my code the playlist filesize has shrunk.  Any playlists saved with v0.1.1 or v0.11 are incompatible with v0.12 (sorry, this will NOT happen again!)
The titlebar now displays the Game and subtitle of the currently playing SPC.

Get it in the VB section.


17th February 2001

Not much to say in this update.  JCOM-SPC has moved from v0.1.1 beta to v0.11 beta.  Chages:
Removed some unused controls (scrollbars, etc)
Fixed problems with closing or clicking CANCEL in any load/save dialogs
Fixed problem with trying to open more than one instance of JCOM-SPC
Possibly have fixed problem with associations under WinME (Win98 is currently untested by me)


30th January 2001

Its been a while since my last update hasen't it?  Well here it is, the first update of the year (and the second millenium for those who are picky).  But not to disapoint you I have completed my latest project to a level that warrants its relese, I present JCOM-SPC Beta.  Go and try it, you can find it in the VB Stuff section, don't forget to grab a copy of Runtimer if you haven't or it'l be a good chance that you don't have the right run-time files needed, and pop over to Zophar's domain and get some SPCs to listen to, a CD player won't do much without a CD to listen to!.  Once you have given it a go post your opinion on the message board, and one last thing, I WILL NOT MAKE JCOM-SPC SKINNABLE! You know what I mean Netspark!

ADDED:JCOM-SPC, some more links
FIXED:Download size for 'Thomas the Tank Engine' in the C64 section now says 115K instead of 1152K

31st October 2000

Sorry for the lack of updates but due to the half-term holiday I had no net access for a week but now you should see regular updates up until christmas. (Just wondering, why do you never see Christmas on Star trek or Stargate SG1, or any other Sci-fi for that matter?)
Added Fast, Grod the Pixie and Thomas the Tank Engine to the c64 section.

19th October 2000

Added F.R.O.S.T. and Terminus to the c64 section.

17th October 2000

Uploaded my c64 TAP files and the TAP section of 'C64 stuff'.  Added link to future Links page.