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JCOM-SPC v1.96
JCOM-SPC is a SPC player, for those who don't know what a SPC file is, it is a dump of the Super Nintendo's sound RAM that has been dumped from a Super Nintendo game using a emulator eg.zSNES.  these dumps usually contain code and data that allows the SNES's SPC700 APU to play music and SFX.  These files require a special player to play these, JCOM-SPC just happens to be one. Acknolagements go to Anti Resonance, who created the brilliant SNESAmp SPC core, and then made the sourcecode available to anybody who want's to use it.  Here is a list of all the current features that JCOM - SPC includes:

Supports sampling rates up to 96Khz, mono/stereo, up to 32bit
Full channel muting, preamp and stereo seperation control, on the fly
Built in playlist editor
Easy file association
WAV file recording
Fast Forward and Rewind capability.
Up to 10 favorites can be stored into JCOM - SPC for quick access.
RSN compressed SPC soundtrack support.
Ability to use external audio processors and encoders like oggEnc or LAME.

DOWNLOAD:jcom_spc.zip (229K)
DOWNLOAD:jcom_spc_source.zip (v1.95 597K)