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8 August 2014
Go read Worm.

Do it now.

Give yourself 2 weeks minimum to get through all the chapters.

Get addicted to the fanfiction.

That is all.

9 September 2013
Yes I am still here and yes another update to something I said I had finished over four years ago...

JCOM-SPC v1.96 'Tactics'
A few minor adjustments here and there.  I have removed the 32bps option and a warning will issue if you attempt to set a sample rate above 48Khz.  This is a limitation of uematsu.dll, not JCOM-SPC or SNESAPU.dll.  Also I have removed the code for the REALMagic remote control and a few other cosmetic bits.  The upshot of this is that JCOM-SPC should run with the plain vanilla VB6 runtime which is supplied by default with pretty much every version of windows since XP.  NO MORE RUNTIMER!!! Also JCOM-SPC is now pretty much Windows user profile thingy safe.  Debug logging is now written to the current user's My Documents folder as "JCOM-SPC-LOG.txt" and any temporary files get generated in the current user's TEMP folder. Now this will be the last version of the this codebase, there will not be a "Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate" edition.  Development on a brand new from scratch JCOM-SPC is slowly in progress.  Emphisis on slowly...

Find the download in the usual place.

2 May 2011
There has been progress, not vast leaps but small victories here and there.  There was a bug in the RAR extraction that caused certain files in RAR archives to be incorectly extracted and thusly unable to play, that has be fixed.  The Windows API has provided access to the standard file open dialog so now even loading files over a network works.  Work on the GUI has started and eventually I will have to tackle the ID666 tag handling.  Not everything you see in the this tester actually works yet so some buttons won't do anything.


22 April 2011
Development paused for a week and in a day I have now gotten the unrar.dll the play nice without the need to temporarily extract the files to disk first.  As a result I have decided to start uploading my intermediate testing complies.  I had a lot of trouble getting the various apis and callbacks working but I am not 100% certain that they are behaving and due to their nature debugging them inside the VB IDE is nearly impossible so if you have a few minuets to kill please download the test buld and give it a go.  Currently all it can do is play RSNs and nothing else at all.  All you do is type the full path to a rsn file where it says 'text2', click open, select a spc file and click play.  You can choose another file and click play while still playing.


14 April 2011
I am still not dead!
Just saying for all you peaple who still bother to come here that I have begun work on completely re-writing JCOM-SPC.  JCOM-SPC(OMEGA) will be all brand new code with a lot of the kludges used in JCOM-SPC classic removed and done properly.  I have already got the last version of Alpha-II Production's SNESAPU core working directly inside VB6, bypassing the need for the fathful UEMATSU.DLL.  (OMEGA) will hopefully be leaner with the gimmics removed (so I can do a Neo-Geo boot sequence, big deal...) and the interface getting a good remodelling (ugly timer indeed...)

Watch this space...

4 August 2009
Update: JCOM - SPC v1.95 FINAL Super Special Awesome Windows 7 64Bit Bugfix Edition
Just as it says.  I may have grown tired of developing JCOM-SPC ofver the years but that dosen't mean that polite requests for bugfixing won't go ignored (thanks for spotting this one Bruno!) so here is JCOM-SPC v1.95 FINAL SSAW764BBE, find it in the usual place.

9 June 2009
Still Alive!
Update: JCOM - SPC v1.95 FINAL
After years of sitting on this version I'm finally releasing it and putting the old JCOM-SPC code to rest.  What does this mean?  It means that I am releasing the source code!  Now you can see how bad the code realy is, how everything is patched together with binary ducktape.  Come on, I DARE you to attempt to clean it up!  So many little or unused variables, public variables out the earholes.  Heck, looking at the code now I can't fathom at all how it all works, 'cause it isn't commented one bit where it counts!  Have fun!  Oh, here are the changes for this version:

Fixed a bug or two.
Added some rudimentary external audio compresser support.  Check 'compresser.txt' for more info.

You can find the sourcecode in the JCOM-SPC section.

27 October 2007
Update: JCOM - SPC v1.9
Omigosh! First update in over 2 years!
Fixed a MAJOR bug with the wave recorder.  It just stopped working.  For some reason I had written some idiotic code and as I hardly use the wave recorder I never noticed the bug creep in.
6 April 2007
General: 10'000 hits!
(thankyou image pending)

Still not dead.  According to the stats over at, JCOM Computer Productions has passed the 10 thousand hit mark!  I'm working on a few things that will eventually find their way here, including most of my half finished and half started projects.  In the meantime, enjoy this little dosmode proggie that I made back in the mists of time.  It isn't zipped up so some browsers might complain a little when you try to download it.

Download: Warped3.exe

On another note, I have decided to take down the forum.  Nobody but spammers were using it and I don't get that much  bandwidth to play with. T_T
12 September 2006
JCOM C.P. is not dead, just in a slight hibernation.  I have had so many things to do I haven't been able to think straight sometimes and now I have discovered Eve Online.  If theres one thing to suck away your free time, its an MMORPG! ^_^

Anyhow, if I can keep my most attention on one project I may have some proper news for you all.  Oh by the way, according to the stats at ShortUrl JCOM C.P. has recived over 8000 hits since creation and recived on average over 170 hits a month.  If we reach that big one oh oh oh oh I might try to work up the effort and whip up something in return for your interst, I would have never thought that my little site would recive as much interest as it has been.  Thanks Guys! ^_^

  7 June 2005
Site: New feature
Over the years I have downloaded a great deal of stuff.  Now that I can I feel I should give something back to the Internet community.  That is why I have decided to offer nearly all that I have downloaded, for download!  Just cast your eyes over to the menubar on the left and you shall see the status indicator for the new 'l33t stuphs3rv3r'.  enjoy! ^_^

Site: Section change
The VB section is dead!  Long live the 'My l33t c0d1ng sk1llz' section.  The name change is in anticipation for non Visual Basic material.

12 May 2005
Site: New forum and provider
Moved site to PlusNet and upgraded the forum to a nice shiny new phpBB one!
20 March 2005
First update of the year!

JCOM - SPC: Update to v1.8
Added RSN support.  Requires unrar.dll (supplied)

20 December 2004
A small update on my birthday (I'm 22 now ^_^)

Site: Misc changes
If you haven't noticed by now I have finally finished the GFX for the sidebar and I have introduced the Anime and Manga Artist links page.  Those pages are some of the sites that I have collected nearly 8000 images from in over 3 years!  Enjoy! ^_^

JCOM - SPC: Update to v1.71
Upgraded SPC interface allowing use of latest SNES_APU cores
Only the left mouse button should operate the buttons - Fixed

31 July 2004

General: WIP, Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Manager
Just saying that this hasn't been forgotten, just that work on it is progressing at the speed of a athritic totoise with a Zimmer frame. As proof take a look at this screenshot.
21 July 2004

Site: New Hosting
Thanks to my good friend David Kirkbride, this site now resides on his new server. Enjoy the bannerless browsing while it lasts!
9th August 2003

General: WIP, Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Manager
Development on JCOM - SPC has taken a break for the summer in favour of my latest project, a application which allows you to organise and keep track of youre collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.  The finished app will sport the following features (hopefully, items in bold are allready done):

Libary Section (this is where you can quickly look up any card in the libary and add it to you card stock):

  • Add, edit copy and delete cards
  • Sort cards by various means (Name, level, attribute, etc)
  • The ability to use scanned images of individual cards, however they are not required for operation
  • Import and export cards from and to a external libary for easy distribution
  • A search function
Card stock section (this is where you keep track of all the cards you own):
  • Add, duplicate and remove cards from your stock
  • Export you stock to a text file for printout, email, web, etc.
And finaly the Deck section, where you can build you deck from the cards in your stock:
  • Add, remove and duplicate cards in your main, side and fusion decks.
  • Save and load your deck so you can build seperate decks for all occasions.
  • Export your deck to a text file so bragging about your latest Dragon or beatdown deck requires a lot less typing out and risk of typos.
Take a look at the following screenshots which show the libary screen and the card edit dialouge.
15th May 2003

Web site
Added: News archive page

Old news will now go in here, the link is at the top of this page under the graphic, nuff said! ;)

VB stuff
UPDATED: Remote control source code

The code now no longer needs the external file RMRCCodes.dat as I have devised a different method of detecting the button codes.

Uptated: JCOM - SPC v1.7

Nothing terribly earthshattering:
JCOM - SPC finaly now reports the proper OST track number!
Re-fixed small bug that could cause a memory leak :)
Fixed a bug where after about 110 mins of playing the same SPC JCOM-SPC would crash.
Slightly more efficient remote control code

21st November 2002

Added: Remote control source code

Tah Dahh!  Here it is, the source code for accessing the REALmagic DVD remote control from Visual Basic!  Finding information on how to access it is quite difficult (at least for me!) so this little snipped of code can add remote control functionality to nearly any visual basic project! Fing it in the VB page.

Updated: JCOM - SPC v1.667

Just a small bugfix release:

Fixed a small bug that could cause a memory leak
Fixed a bug where the time display woulden't clear itself